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My Oxbridge coaching service aims to demystify the application process; in particular, to dispell popular misconceptions concerning the Oxbridge interview.

Your Oxbridge interview won't be testing your factual subject knowledge; you wouldn't be in the room unless you had amply demonstrated that in public exams.

Rather, the interview will attempt to explore that elusive, flexibility of mind with which good Oxbridge candidates approach unfamiliar intellectual challenges.

Having taught philosophy and logic at the University of Oxford, I'm well-placed to provide Oxbridge candidates with a realistic experience of the interview process.

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If you require help and advice preparing for your Oxbridge interview, I'd be delighted to receive your email: Oxbridge Interview Help Enquiry

Help with 2022 Oxbridge Interview Preparation

If you're shortlisted for interview you'll be invited to stay for a few nights at one of the Oxford of Cambridge colleges.

The selection process will go on for a number of days, and you may be interviewed by more than one college. Furthermore, you may have more than one interview at the college at which you're staying.

Depending on the college, and the course for which you're applying, you may also be given a short text to read before the interview. You'll then be asked questions about that in the interview.

Above all, don't be intimidated by how clever and confident other candidates sound. Part of the skill of the experienced Oxbridge interviewer is to penetrate beyond a thin veneer of intellectual pretence.

If you're unclear about the Oxbridge interview process, and require help in your preparations, then by all means email me with your query: Oxbridge Interview Enquiry

20 Oxbridge Interview Questions from your Personal Statement

The personal statement that you submitted to Oxford or Cambridge is a rich source of potential interview questions.

I offer a personal statement analysis service where I scrutinise your statement and return 20 interview questions that it prompts me to consider.

The point is not to predict possible interview questions that might arise. Rather, by exposing yourself to the calibre of question that you might encounter in interview, you begin to develop the kind of Oxbridge mindset admissions tutors are looking for.

It is also an economical way of preparing for interview, prior to any formal invitation from Oxford or Cambridge.

If you would like your Oxbridge personal statement analysed for 20 salient interview questions, then simply email me: 20 Oxbridge Interview Questions Enquiry

Oxbridge Interview Practice and Simulations

The Oxbridge interviews simulate the intensive tutorials that are at the heart of teaching at Oxford and Cambridge; so the best Oxbridge interview preparation is to practice answering interview questions posed by an experienced Oxford or Cambridge tutor.

I offer online Oxbridge interview practice, over the internet, using Skype's free video-conferencing facilities.

The simulations remove the mystery behind the whole Oxbridge interview process; and my feedback helps you to organise and express your thoughts naturally and clearly.

The online practice interviews also simulate the last-minute comprehension and reading exercises that many colleges are fond of setting.

If you would like some practice Oxbridge interviews, from an experience Oxford tutor, I'd be delighted to receive your email: Oxbridge Interview Practice Enquiry

Sample Oxbridge Interview Questions

The kinds of questions asked in your Oxbridge interview will be driven by two key requirements that each successful candidate must satisfy: do you understand precisely the nature of the course for which they're applying; and will you make a success of your studies at Oxford or Cambridge?

The starting point for tutors conducting your Oxbridge admissions interview is your personal statement.

This will very likely be used to frame both initial 'ice-breaker' questions, and more probing subject-matter questions.

It follows that the more you have thought and talked about the things you have mentioned on your personal statement, the better your performance in your Oxbridge interview will be.

If you have any uncertainty about the kinds of questions that you might be asked in your Oxbridge interview, simple email me: Oxbridge Interview Questions Enquiry

Oxbridge Interview FAQs 2022

If you have a question about your Oxford or Cambridge interview, that's not covered in the following FAQ, then by all means email me and I'll endeavour to answer it: Oxbridge Interview Questions Enquiry

What should I do if I don't understand a question in my Oxbridge interview?

Explain that you don't understand the question, and ask if it might be rephrased. Before attempting to answer, you might try paraphrasing the question back to the interviewer to make sure you understand.

If you're still at a complete loss, then say so. But don't panic, you wouldn't be in the room unless you deserved to be; so there is a very good chance that the question was a bad one that the interviewer regrets asking!

Is the Oxbridge interview an examination?

Yes and No: yes, insofar as obviously it's an important part of the Oxford and Cambridge selection process; but no, there is no corpus of knowledge that the interviewers will be specifically probing you on.

Rather, think of the interview more like a conversation with someone who shares your passionate interest. In this respect the interview is much more like a tutorial.

How should I dress for my Oxbridge interview?

You should dress informally but smart(ish); you need to feel relaxed and be yourself, whilst showing at least a modicum of respect for the process.

Are there right and wrong answers for the Oxbridge Interview?

Yes and no: yes, insofar as there are clearly very bad ways of responding to questions; but no, insofar as Oxbridge interviews are not testing a particular body of knowledge.

What is far more important is the way you go about developing your thoughts and constructing your response, rather than simply responding with facts and figures.

How should I prepare for my Oxbridge interview?

You should certainly be prepared to answer questions arising from your personal statement. For example, if your statement refers to a book that you've read, you would be well-advised to re-read it before the interview.

You should also be prepared for standard 'ice-breaker' interview questions such as: 'why this course?', 'why this university?', etc.

But consider more probing variants of these questions: 'why go to university at all?'

The best preparation is to have practice interviews with an experienced tutor from Oxford or Cambridge.

Will I have to read anything for or during my Oxbridge interview?

Some subjects and colleges are fond of asking candidates to arrive early and giving them a short passage to read. They are then asked questions on the passage, during the interview, to test their comprehension.

This is something you can practice with a friend or family member, but preferably with an experienced interviewer who does not know you.
If you have any questions about the Oxbridge interview process not addressed here, simply email me and I'll try to answer them: Oxbridge Interview New Question Enquiry
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