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Oxbridge Tutor Fee Structure

The internet means you needn't compromise on the quality of your Oxbridge tuition.

Wherever you are in the world, if you're studying at a state school or college, and are thinking of applying to Oxbridge, or any elite UK university, my expertise is available to you.

I offer a variety of affordable Oxbridge application plans, addressing different stages of the admissions process.

To receive information on my current Oxbridge tutor fee structure, please email me: Oxbridge Tutor Fees Enquiry

Pro bono Oxbridge Application Tuition

Depending on my workload and personal commitments, I'm occasionally able to offer pro bono Oxbridge application tuition.

I may be able to help if you are:

If you can evidence meeting one of the above criteria, then by all means contact me. If I can't help you at the moment, I may know someone who can: Oxbridge Application Pro Bono Enquiry Enquiry

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In establishing World Philosophy Day, UNESCO emphasised the importance of philosophy, especially for young people.

By encouraging critical and independent thought, philosophy improves our understanding of the world, so promoting tolerance and peace.

UNICEF helps governments to build schools, train teachers and provide textbooks so that every child can receive an education.

Please support their efforts to create a more thoughtful world by donating in aid of UNICEF:

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